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Spring and All

In William Carols Williams' sonnet â€Å"Spring and All,† he utilizes clear pictures and similitudes to contrast nature with the individuals who bear a fatal sickness while isolated in an infectious medical clinic. The land parcel encompassing the medical clinic has been corrupted by the dead of winter, which is utilized to speak to the individuals who lost their lives because of the ailment. At that point the speaker depicts the acknowledged change the land starts to appear, as winter gradually transforms into spring. The dead real estate parcel starting to give indications of life is utilized to speak to the not many that endure and will get o leave the bleak hospital.The speaker portrays the real estate parcel encompassing the medical clinic as sloppy, dormant, and cold. The depiction of the land during winter is utilized to represent the desolate feel of the medical clinic and the individuals who will never leave it, devoured by their sickness. Like winter, the individuals who have passed on resemble â€Å"twiggy/stuff of shrubs and little trees/with dead, earthy colored leaves under them/leafless vines-,† (10-13. ) The inertia of the land and the exposed dead plants is utilized as a similitude for the grievous passings of the isolated patients.The speaker depicts the sky and climate as â€Å"mottled mists driven from/the upper east †a cold wind,† (3-4. ) The virus wind is utilized to represent the virus chill of death and the wretchedness that will blow through families who lost their friends and family. The sonnet at that point starts to depict the start of spring and the infected filled land initiates on a moderate change with an opportunity of imperativeness. The land Is â€Å"lifeless in appearance, slow/stupefied spring approaches,† (14-15. ) These lines are intended to represent the lives of the individuals who battled and made due through the Illness.At first they are blasted Ill and show up dead In their beds, howev er as spring approaches they stir feeble, yet alive and loaded with trust. Spring draws near and â€Å"now the obvious nobility of/entrance †Still, the significant change/has happened upon them: established, they/hold down and start to awaken,† (25-28. ) Not just does the last refrain speak to nature getting through all the dead and being renewed yet in addition the individuals who endure an infectious illness and will get one more opportunity at life.Spring has consistently been an image of resurrection since dead, leafless, and flowerless plants start new development; creatures stir from their long winter sleep, and furthermore a famous time for new life to enter the world. It bodes well that this sonnet contrasts spring and the lives of the individuals who have defeated a genuine Illness, and will get another took shots at life, as though they have been reawakened. In this sonnet, winter Is utilized as an image for the individuals who lost their lives, and the distres ses that will freeze the hearts of their family and friends.On the other hand, spring Is utilized to Illustrate the resurrection of nature and the additional opportunity to the individuals who drove on and battled to remain alive. As the land outside the infectious medical clinic starts to change with new life and excellent hues It speaks to the expectation of those that endure and could peer out one of the emergency clinics window and witness new life starting to develop as they experience their own new possibility at life. Work Cited Williams, William Carols. â€Å"Spring and All,† Literature: A Pocket Anthology. fourth deed. Deed. R. S. Gwynne. New York: Longhand, 2009. 597.Spring and All By Jones land starts on a moderate change with an opportunity of imperativeness. The land is intended to represent the lives of the individuals who battled and made due through the sickness. From the outset they are blasted sick and show up dead in their beds, yet as spring approaches the individuals who have beaten a genuine sickness, and will get another took shots at life, as though they have been reawakened. In this sonnet, winter is utilized as an image for the individuals who lost their lives, and the spring is utilized to show the resurrection of nature and the additional opportunity to the individuals who to change with new life and excellent hues it speaks to the expectation of those that

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Old School, New School Mastery-Based Learning

Old School, New School Mastery-Based Learning By Beatrice, a guest blogger who is a junior in high schoolThe high school I attend in Silicon Valley requires all juniors to spend one week participating in an internship or shadow week. I was lucky to be able to spend my week at Khan Academy.  During my shadow week, I learned how Khan Academy reaches people all over the world who are driven to deepen their education. It was also a chance to attend communications team meetings, learn about the testimonial process, and understand how press release requests are handled. Throughout the week, I also realized that Khan Academy, Khan Lab School and the Waldorf school that I attend share the belief that students understand concepts best through mastery-based learningâ€"an educational pedagogy that allows students to learn at a pace that is suitable to them.At first glance, it might seem surprising that an online learning experience like Khan Academy, a startup like Khan Lab School, and a Waldorf school that has roots in a philosophy that goes back nearly 100 years would have anything in common. (Waldorf schools are based on the teaching principles of Rudolf Steiner and were founded in the early 20th century.) Noticing the common thread of mastery came as a complete surprise during my shadow week. While there are many differences among the three organizations, mastery-based learning is an approach they share.  At Khan Academy, over 200 team members are dedicated to providing learners all over the world with a free, world class education. Students, whether they are in classrooms or working independently, can go as fast or as slow as they want, and mastery is central to the way students learn and advance their understanding of Khan Academy subjects.At Khan Lab School, mastery-based learning frequently occurs in blended or project-based environments. This approach advances the idea that students working in a self-paced setting will fully master concepts and skills. In many schools, the time students spent learning is c onstant and the level of content mastery varies. The opposite is true at Khan Lab School.  The amount of time it takes to learn something can be variable and everyone eventually achieves a mastery level understanding of each subject area. I also learned that students use Khan Academy at Khan Lab School, especially for math and computer science.At Waldorf, mastery is neither blended or online, and our use of technology in high school classes is lower than at other schools. The Waldorf philosophy is based on the idea that a student’s natural desire to learn is unleashed in an environment where they are seen, feel safe, and have an opportunity to undertake hands-on work. I feel that the interdisciplinary and multimodal approach combined with the ability to resubmit work until it is mastered has given me agency over my learning, critical thinking skills, and a sense of empathy. At Waldorf, I have learned that it is not the academic skills that matter most but rather the ability to le arn how to learn. Interestingly, Khan Lab School has a similar philosophy.During my shadow week at Khan Academy, I learned that there are many different facets to the operational side of an educational organization. Shadowing Barb and Rachel from Khan Academy’s communications team gave me a feel for what theyre trying to get across to students, teachers, districts, and the wider world. One way they do this is by communicating with the media and arranging interviews for Sal, Khan Academy’s founder, and other members of the Khan Academy team. I enjoyed having a front row seat to this one area of Khan Academy.  One last thing I’d like to share is that Khan Academy reaches 18 million learners a month in 190 countries in over 30 languages as a nonprofit. I personally know of many students who would not be able to use Khan Academy if they had to pay a subscription fee. During my shadow week, I encountered even more students around the world whose lives have been changed significant ly by Khan Academy. Because it is a nonprofit, Khan Academy depends on donations from individuals to help sustain the work they are doing now and the work they need to do in the future. For me, it has been heartening to learn how individuals have been impacted around the world through access to Khan Academy. Onward! About  Beatrice:Beatrice is an 11th grade student at a Waldorf school in Silicon Valley. Prior to moving to California she attended public school in New York.About Khan Academy:Khan Academy is a 501(3) nonprofit organization that relies on support from people like you. Please donate today.

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Kleos in The Odyssey by Homer - 938 Words

CONCEPT OF KLEOS IN THE ODYSSEY Heroic glory occupies a very crucial place in the Indo-European epic tradition, because the Greek society is a shame culture, in which being honoured is one of the primary purposes of people s lives. Hence, the concept of kleos formed an essential part of the bardic tradition which helped the people to maintain the heroic stature of the mythical heroes from generation to generation. This is why, it has got an important place in the Greek epics also. In The Odyssey by Homer also, we find indirect references to the kleos of the eponymous hero Oddyseus and his son Telemachus. In the words of Nagy, â€Å"Kleos is the formal word which the singer himself used to designate the songs which he sang in praises†¦show more content†¦This is in stark contrast of heroic nature, when the hero proudly wishes to hear the songs of his glory from others. The importance that the Greeks assign to Kleos is evident in the speech of Penelope addressing Odysseus when he is disguised as a beggar when she says that her name would be embellished and enhanced if her husband would return, still devoted to her. Penelope’s concern about her kleos shows the significance it holds for her in the shame culture that she’s a part of. However, in one instance, the concept of Kleos is depicted in a different light. It has been portrayed as something futile and irrelevant when contrasted with the value for life. This is when, in book 11, The book of the dead, Homer provides us with the viewpoint of Achilles, a great Greek warrior, who lost his life in the Trojan war. Here, Achilles clearly states that he would rather work the soil as a serf on hire to some landless impoverished peasant than be the King of all the lifeless dead. This is suggestive of the fact that dying a glorified death gets reduced to an act of sheer foolishness when the importance of life dawns upon the one who actually dies. In this case, we get to know a dead warrior s take on the futility of glory afte rShow MoreRelatedAn Essay on the Illiad868 Words   |  4 Pageshis culture’ and thus both The Iliad and The Odyssey are directed sources of their own period. Select any one episode or scene from either of the poems as one that you feel is most memorable. What does it tell about Homeric culture? A writer is a reflection of his age. A work of art is considered a mirror of the customs, culture, and concepts of the age to which it belongs. Homer’s writings are a true representation of this. His Iliad and Odyssey both reflect the old Greek culture, yet in HomericRead MoreOdysseuss Appearance in The Odyssey and the Iliad1416 Words   |  6 Pagesthem back to the assembly (Homer, Iliad 2.55-225). Odysseus can be seen here as a keeper of peace and order. He does not allow the men to take the easy way out. Once the men have left the ships the fool, Thersites, begins to shout at Agamemnon. Odysseus and Achilles both share a mutual hatred of this man because of his constant provocation. Before Odysseus attacks Thersites physically he takes an opportunity to voice his opinion, calling him â€Å"nothing but trash† (Homer, Iliad 2.269). Only afterRead MoreThe Between Greek And Greek Society1318 Words   |  6 PagesSociety and portrays pietas while Odysseus is a lea der in Greek Society and portrays Kleos. In Greek, kleos refers to glory. In Ancient Rome, pietas refers to duty towards the gods, family, and one s country. Because of the embodiment of kleos and pietas Odysseus and Aeneas put forward they showed heroism in two separate ways as leaders of their different cultures. For the Greeks, heroism dealt more so with kleos, or glory. Greeks acted not only in a courageous manner but did things that would bringRead MoreThe Odyssey An Epic Poem1418 Words   |  6 PagesThe Odyssey an epic poem that has stood the test of time as history is made. Homer made a story as raptured almost everyone who reads it. Even the most trivial characters seem to serve some important role later in the epic poem. Yet it seems that the meaning of this great piece of fiction changes with the changing desires of society. Yet one thing that Homer puts in every corner of the book stays the same with the test of time. The misfortune that hangs like the sword of Damocles over each characters’Read MoreMemory vs Forgetting in the Odyssey Essay1031 Words   |  5 PagesThere are many themes of forgetting and remembering in the Odyssey of Homer. When you have a great love for someone or something it shall never be forgotten. Both Penelope and Odysseus show the importance of mem ory throughout The Odyssey of homer over and over again. The theme of memory and forgetting does not show only love between Penelope and Odysseus but also an important principle in the upkeep of the correct social interactions. Penelope tells the singer Phemios that she does not want toRead MoreThe Odyssey And Trojan Women1684 Words   |  7 Pages HOMER AND EURIPIDES DEAL WITH THE SAME THEMES BUT IN DIFFERENT WAYS INTRO: Despite difference of around 400 years between them Greek poet Homer and tragedian playwright Euripides explore many of the same themes in their works the Odyssey and Trojan Women (written by each respectively). Both works are inspired by the events of 12th Century BCE Trojan War that Homer previously explored in the Iliad. The two examine the worth of cunning over brute strength, the dangers of temptation and the role ofRead More The Underworld as the Key to Living the Greek Life Essay2198 Words   |  9 PagesBeyond relaying a fantastic journey, featuring a glorified hero who embodies to perfection Greek ideals, Homer uses the epic books of The Odyssey to explore all the nuances of Greek culture. Each part of The Odyssey possesses a purpose beyond detailing popular mythology. Book Eleven’s Underworld becomes the culmination of all the values and ideals that Homer touches on in prior books. Homer uses the underworld as a catchall to reinforce societal protocol and religion among other things. SpecificallyRead MoreThe s Ultimate Position On Death Vs. Homecoming843 Words   |  4 Pages In the odyssey, the poem’s ultimate position on death vs. life and glory vs. homecoming plays a big role in the leading character’s storyline. Odysseus, throughout the book is challenged with many obstacles that he must go through to get home. These obstacles in each island resemble his driven passion to get home to his kingdom. Achilles, the same leading character from the Iliad, is also presented in this poem to show the Greek view on glory. Ultimately, the book shows that glory is the engineRead Moretemptation in the odyssey1700 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿The antagonist, Temptation This essay is about temptation in the Odyssey, more specifically temptation and its role in the book. Showing how food displays everyday temptation and how Odysseus recklessness causes his own troubled journey home. Temptation in laments terms is the desire to do something you know you shouldn’t do. This theme is something that is repeated constantly throughout the Odyssey in a multitude of ways and for many reasons. It shows on a scale how human and mortal the charactersRead MoreOdysseus Is Responsible For His Subsequent Predicament1033 Words   |  5 Pages Odysseus is responsible for his subsequent predicament, because he believes that his cleverness entitles him to a double standard of treatment. While this double standard is the cause of his punishment, Homer shows that the pursuit of kleos makes these beliefs justifiable. Odysseus expects others to respect major Greek traditions, yet throughout the episode with Polyphemus, he violates the tradition whenever he feels necessary. Greeks believe that food crimes are some of the worst possible crimes

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Why Did the Us Enter World War I Free Essays

Why did the United States enter World War I in 1917? On June 28th 1914, Franz Ferdinand, the Austrian archduke, and his wife were murdered by a Bosnian revolutionary named Gavrilo Princip. This assassination triggered declarations of war. Firstly, this gave Austria a reason to attack Serbia. We will write a custom essay sample on Why Did the Us Enter World War I or any similar topic only for you Order Now This then led to Russia mobilizing their army in order to defend Serbia, which then led to Germany executing â€Å"The Plan† and attacking France through Belgium. The domino effect continued and war broke out due to a mixture of things. Alliances played a great role in the war, as each nations began forming and expanding their militaries. The war was â€Å"Central Powers† vs. â€Å"Allied Powers†. The central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and Romania (which changed sides half way through the war). The Allied Powers consisted of France, USSR, The British Empire, Serbia and the USA. The United States initially wanted to stay out of the war mainly because they declared that they would be a â€Å"neutral† nation that only acts as a â€Å"peacemaker†. President Wilson declared numerous time that â€Å"The United States was too proud to fight† and would not be entering the war. He also mentioned that the U. S. would not tolerate unrestricted submarine warfare. Before America’s entry, The U. S-German relations were neutral. They were not much involved with each other apart from political and labor relations. America’s opinion changed throughout the war after the sinking of the Lusitania, the Zimmerman Telegram and because of the European alliances that America was involved with. America’s entry in World War 1 in 1917 was based on a number of key factors Economics, Retaliation and Pre-emption. Economics – .. At the time, the US had large economic investments with the British and French. If Germany was to win the war it was not clear what would happen to those investments. Protecting France and Britain was therefore in a way protecting their investment. If the U. S. joined the war, their strong military forces, especially allied with France, Britain and USSR, would substantially increase the chance of winning. Retaliation – One of Germany’s great t=strengths was it’s submarine fleet. By controlling the seas the Germans would be able to destroy the shipment of arms to the allies. Their prime reason for sinking the Lusitania was the German belief that their were weapons on board. Unfortunately the Germans killed 128 American nationals when they torpedoed the Lusitania. This was a key contributing fact to the US joining the wasr on the side of the Allies two years later. Prevention – One of the main reasons for the US entry in to the war however was the Zimmerman Telegram. This was a proposal from Germany to Mexico asking them to go to war against the U. S. Germany did this in the hope that by keeping the US engaged close to home with a local war, it would be prevented from entering the war in European. . However, when the U. S. found out about this coded communication which was intercepted by the British,, they saw this as an act of aggression by Germany and in order to pre-emp being drawn in to the war on someone else’s terms decided to pre-empt the situation and take matters in to their own hands. Interestingly no one has seen the telegram itself and accordingly some believed that Britain made it up in order to get America involved in the war. The major objective for U. S. ’s entry in the war was its wish to have greater influence in post-war Europe, especially with their newly acquired economic strength. Even though when America joined World War 1 it was already coming to an end, their entry did make an impact on the war. In the short term, their entry was a downside as it almost caused German victory. Germany was well aware that the American troops would overwhelm the Germans when they would arrive, so Germany launched a massive offensive to gain victory before America could transport enough troops into Europe, however the offensive ended up halting and turning back just outside of Paris. In the long term, America’s entry was an upside because, as the war was already coming to an end, both sides were exhausted. America was fresh and ready to fight a war, which helped motivate the Allies. The U. S. brought new equipment and military force which was a gain for the Allies and helped win the war. The U. S. entered the war at the right time because they did manage to bring fresh troops and new equipment into Europe. Before the Lusitania, America did not have any reason to enter the war. It would also have been going against their will to be neutral. Their entry did impact positively, however may not have been necessary and did go against their initial plan. It also caused America to make some enemies in Europe, which ended up causing them to be sucked into more European issues. Positively, it also bonded the U. S. with many European nations, which were very strong politically and economically. How to cite Why Did the Us Enter World War I, Essays

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The Role Public Administration Play in This Modern Society free essay sample

Public administration houses the implementation of government policy and an academic discipline that studies this implementation and that prepares civil servants for this work. As a field of inquiry with a diverse scope its fundamental goal is to advance management and policies so that government can function. Some of the various definitions which have been offered for the term are: the management of public programs; the translation of politics into the reality that citizens see every day; and the study of government decision making, the analysis of the policies themselves, the various inputs that have produced them, and the inputs necessary to produce alternative policies. According to Dubios Fattore (2009), the goals of the field of public administration are related to the democratic values of improving equality, justice, security, efficiency, effectiveness of public services usually in a non-profit, non-taxable venue; business administration, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with taxable profit. We will write a custom essay sample on The Role Public Administration Play in This Modern Society or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For a field built on concepts (accountability, governance, decentralization, clientele), these concepts are often ill-defined and typologies often ignore certain aspects of these concepts.Public administration is centrally concerned with the organization of government policies and programmes as well as the behavior of officials (usually non-elected) formally responsible for their conduct Many unelected public servants can be considered to be public administrators, including police officers, municipal budget analysts, HR benefits administrators, city managers, Census analysts, and cabinet secretaries.Public administrators are public servants working in public departments and agencies, at all levels of government. Every public officer charged with the duties of administration must therefore implant in his mind that secrecy breeds suspicion and suspicion erodes public trust. An administrator who has no trust of the public is like an administrator who has no authority to do what he or she has been appointed or elected to do.Accountability is important in the face of the truth that there is a need to make the work right, the truth that imperfections are a way of life and the truth that men tend to be consumed by greed, pettiness and desire for power and fame, and the truth that those who caused the work to be done not right must answer for his or her fault. Now, it is a way of life that those who want works that are not right are those who want their deeds hidden.With this reality, there ought to be a system that keeps accountability strong and invincible against these imperfections of life and, with more reason, against those who want to do not right by the impulsion of greed. With these principles in mind, the next challenge really of public administration is how to make use of the modern things offered by modern times. (Evardone) In answering this ques tion, the best way is to know the fundamental governance principles that public administration is a result of the collective consent of the citizens to be governed and the fact that the world has gone too modern.The Definition of Public Administration Public administration, developed in the early 1900s, is a special field of study within the academic discipline of political science. It emphasizes the structure and operation of bureaucracies and organizations, including budgeting, personnel, and formal and informal internal controls. Some public administration programs include study of the special management skills required in governmental (as distinct from private) organizations.Its always hard to make a simple, clear and precise definition to academic subjects, this also happens to public administration. Scholars have long been trying to use a simple phrase to define it, but yet after nearly half century of hard work, it still remains in vain. Although making progress, a perfect phrase length definition is still in process. So what is the problem of defining Public Administration? Some think that its multidiscipline characteristics contribute to the absence of a common definition.

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Imminent, Immanent, and Eminent

Imminent, Immanent, and Eminent Imminent, Immanent, and Eminent Imminent, Immanent, and Eminent By Maeve Maddox Judaye Streett has asked for a tip on the similarly sounding words imminent, immanent, and eminent. Imminent is an adjective meaning about to happen. It comes from a Latin word meaning to overhang or to be near. Obamas court pick is imminent Pfizer Chief Says Growth Is Imminent PSPgo Relaunch is Imminent Bush Says No Imminent Decision on Guantanamo Similar in meaning to imminent is the word impending, literally, hanging over. Unlike imminent, impending has a negative, even ominous connotation. How do human beings react to the threat of impending catastrophe? Teachers appeal to AG to cancel impending dismissals Peter could not keep silent. He laid hold upon his Master, as if to draw Him back from His impending doom†¦ Anxiety symptoms Fear of impending doom The expression impending doom, meaning something bad about to happen has become such a clichà © as to be the name of at least two heavy metal bands. Immanent is an adjective meaning dwelling within. The word is most commonly used to describe a spiritual presence. It comes from a Latin word meaning to dwell within. Is there a hierarchy in the immanent Trinity? God is immanent in every form and whoever loves God must love Gods creation. Colossians 1:15:20 says: God has become immanent in Jesus Christ The word immanent has other applications in anthropology and mathematics. Sometimes even people writing about spiritual matters mix up immanent and imminent, as in these examples from a web site about the historical Jesus: [Jesus] did believe that this restoration [of a Jewish state] was immanent. Critical scholars argue that the high priest feared that Jesus talk of an immanent restoration of an independent Jewish state would likely spark a riot. Eminent means prominent, outstanding. It comes from a Latin word meaning to stand out or to project. Eminent people stand out from the herd because of their personal and professional qualities and achievements. In a literal sense of projecting, an eminence can be a hill or other high place that stands above its surroundings. The city squares by night are breathtaking when viewed from an eminence. BOOK REVIEW: An eminent Victorian disinterred UN Security Council Seeks an Eminent Individual for an Impossible Job The legal term eminent domain refers to the right of a government to appropriate private property for public use, paying just compensation to the owner. The public domain stands out from the private domain. The Alameda Theater and Cineplex in Alameda, CA, was built on property that was unjustly seized by the city through eminent domain laws. A new eminent domain law in Utah authorizes seizure of some of the federal governments vast land holdings. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:75 Synonyms for â€Å"Angry†Between vs. In BetweenCaptain vs. Master