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Illuminate and contrast with the main story line Essay

The Subplot: Consider the significance of the subplot and examine Shakespeare’s dramatic use of it to illuminate and contrast with the main story line. Shakespeare uses the subplot in many ways; it both accents the main story line and reminds the audience of Henry’s tainted past. The subplot helps to dramatise the play through contrasting moods and movement from one view point to another, therefore this the play can be seen on many levels. This also helps to give a rounded view of events, and through comedy, acts as a form of light relief from the tension that the main plot provides, and also gives the audience a better insight into the characters and what public view is on events. This gives his character’s depth and believability because they are seen from different perspectives. Through the subplot Shakespeare has also found a vehicle to show the story line in a simple way, and it gives everyone a character that they can relate to. This means that the plays are more attractive and therefore appeal to a wider audience. The subplot helps Shakespeare to put across his message on many levels, while developing the characters and increasing the audience’s comprehension of the play. Henry V was written at a time where the people of Britain were very undecided over going to war and this served as a reminder of Britain’s courage and valour. The play was written for the purpose of conveying a perfect monarch, and trying to create the same feeling about Elizabeth I. Shakespeare also made the attempt to create a sense that unity is possible after disparity and it would therefore create a feeling of optimism among the people who saw the play. The characters that Shakespeare uses in the subplot are the lowlife companions of Henry’s youth. They are mainly cowardly thief’s, who only go to war to steal; yet we find out in a speech by the Boy that they are not talented thieves, as they sell things they have stolen for less than they are worth; â€Å"They will steal anything, and call it purchase. † (III. 2) Later in the play, Bardolf is hung because he stole from a church. This action by the King helps him to remove himself, and prove that he has moved on from his earlier antics with this group of drunken thieves. Consequently this proves Henry to be a changed king, the subplot and its characters help to show Henry as a politically good and law-abiding king. This helps to dramatise the play as Henry is now seen as a pure and judgmental king who holds the law above friendship, through this he proves that he is not a tyrant. We also see this character trait in Act One Scene Two, when he is spoken to by the French Ambassador who asks whether he can speak freely and repeat the words of the Dauphin without fear of being killed for what he has said, Henry replies to this; â€Å"We are no Tyrant, but a Christian King† (I. II) This shows how he respects that he is not above the law. He sees himself and wants to be a great King, he associates being a Tyrant as not being Christian, he throughout the play shows himself to be a Christian King. Although the common interpretation of Henry is that he is a brave, modest, focused, and humorous King is hotly contested as some people interpret him as a deeply controversial King and there are many contradictions in his actions and morals. He is depicted as a gallant, courageous and non-aggressive King, yet he invades a defenceless country and kills thousands of innocent people. He also punishes many of his former friends, while he takes no responsibility for the anguish and bloodshed that he has created. Overall Henry is a controversial king and the subplot remind the viewer that he is not a wholly moral person. The sub plot gives the play structure and serves to give light relief and to give time for the other characters to costume change, so that the characters can change into armour for the battles and such like. It is used as light relief as the tension cause by war, politics and death would not be as effective as it gives the audience a comic break form the serious tone of the main plot. Even the main characters contribute to the comic side to the play as Henry plays a trick on Williams, this also gives the character of henry a human side by showing that he seeks humour. We see the characters of the sub plot linked with Henry in their reason for going to war, Henry goes to gain land and returns with a wife. The low lives go to war to make money as they have lost the man who provided for them, yet most of them don’t return. Pistol, the only lasting survivor of henrys drinking companions returns to London no better of than when he left, and returns to the underworld. Henry returns in glory, and complete success, yet the chorus reminds the audience at the end that everything that was fought for was lost when Henrys son came to power. The sub plot puts the main story line into unsophisticated terms and this helps the main plot and themes to be transmitted to the audience. We see the characters that are involved in the sub plot, as cowardly and pathetic men who will do anything to remove themselves from danger. This is shown in Act Two Scene One when there is threat of a fight between Bardolf Pistol and Nym, yet none of them have the courage to take the first strike. At war they are also hesitant when it  comes to going into battle, Nym is the first in Scene Three Act Two. He is particularly ungallant and this in contrast to Henry’s courageous speech shows both the reality of war as the looters are part of the process of war, and that these men are cowards and this in comparison magnifies the image of Henry V as a good and virtuous King. â€Å"Pray thee, Corporal, stay – the knocks are too hot,† (III. II, Nym) This in contrast to the king’s actions, makes Henry seem brave and courageous, and helps to prove him as a reformed character, as opposed to the character that is presented of him in Henry IV part One and Two, where he is a man who fraternises with Falstaff, Bardolf, Pistol and Nym who are presented as a low life, drunkard, and cowardly. The sub plot exhibits this through the Dauphin and his criticism of Henry as an immature King who they should expect very little from. These characters help to epitomise Henry as a new man and helps the audience to remove the negative image of Henry’s past. The low life’s show the negative side of war as they are not there because they want to fight and die in glory for England. They are there to make money as Falstaff, who provided for them, is now dead. The characters represent the common man and how they struggle to survive, especially in act V where Pistol is forced to eat a leek. Fluellen is speaking in prose and this therefore shows that it is no longer language that proves achievement in life but it is his manner, valour in battle and patriotism. This is critical of Pistol as it shows how he has fallen, at the start of the play he speaks in blank verse, through the middle of the play he has spoken in blank verse as he has gone to war and is fighting for his country but when the war is over he returns to prose this shows that he has not gained from the war, and that even though he has been fighting for England he has not improved in character. Pistol is the only one of the lowlife characters that alternates between blank verse and prose, this reveals his boastfulness as a masquerade of bravery. Through this parody, we see that he is trying to be more than he is capable. The change in the style of his language suggests that war can give people a chance to be better people and breaks a chance for accelerated status, the change in Pistols language suggests that he is effected by the war but only in the short term. Henry V can also rotate between blank verse and prose this shows that he can move on many different levels, it reminds of his past and shows how he is changed. He speaks in prose when he is in disguise talking to the soldiers, and when he is speaking with Katherine. Even when Henry does speak in prose it is structured, it also gives him a chance to show what he believes truly. In his time in disguise he creates another sub plot between himself and Williams. In this sub plot we see a contrast between ideas, the ideal of kingship and that of Williams as the ordinary plainspoken Englishman. Henry moves between styles easily, and his speech has as much impact in both forms. The war gives the play a serious undertone and makes the play more real and therefore more dramatic, this accents the main story line as it backs up the idea of the hardship felt by the soldiers; â€Å"My people are with sickness much enfeebled, My numbers are lessened, and those few I have Almost no better than so many French;† Even Henry admits that they are weak, this is also backed up by the French’s point of view even though it is very over confident they call the English army; â€Å"beggared host,†¦. life so lifeless as it shows itself† The confidence of the French is massively over established and their irony contrasts with the English feelings about the battle. This is also contrasted with the English as they are rallied together by a speech made by Henry. The speech henry is sceptical about the battle, this is shown as he does not say that they are going to win, he says that they will be remembered for fighting but not because they won. He says that he is not motivated but money but by honour, and he is fighting to gain honour. He is sceptical because he doesn’t mention winning but only what will come from the battle. The sub plot contributes to the dramatic undertones, because throughout the play they are very sceptical about what is going to happen, this links them to Henry yet they deal with this emotion in different ways. Pistol thinks highly of the monarch yet he refers to him as a ‘bully’ this may mean that Pistol is very conscious that you have no choice, that all must follow him and that there is no choice in the matter. this contrasts with the main story line as most are willing to do as he says because it is the patriotic thing to do. The sub plot is an important factor in the play and therefore contributes vastly to the play as it creates another angle in the play and the plot is told from the common mans point of view. The sub plot is significant because it provides another layer to the play and creates a new level on which the audience can view the characters. Not only does it assist the portrayal of well developed and rounded characters, it gives the common a character that they can relate to as a soldier and a man who is ruled over, this helps to make the audience appreciate the play as the more involved they are in the plot the more they will be able to appreciate the complex story line and themes throughout the play. The Sub plot characters are those that featured in Henrys past, not only does this give the play a link to Henry IV part one and part two, it gives the audience a reminder of Henry’s tainted past. This provides a contrast for Henry’s change in character between the past and the present, this highlights the way that he is now a new person and has now got totally new ideals. The sub plot also illuminates the reality of war and the earnest and sombre undertone provided and the way that all the boys were killed. The sub plot is used to accent the main plot in many ways both in contrast and support.

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Electrolux Case

Case Electrolux 1. Geographical (North America and Europe) and Demographical market segmentation: stage of family life cycle, size of household, age, marital status (reaching mums and dads who have children or planning to have in all the world) 2. It was supportive as Electrolux was always known as ‚Thinking of you‘. A company took a new approach (young families with babies) which was not taken by anyone before. It also gives a sense that company cares about their clients. The Electrolux baby brochure project fits to a company‘s overall strategy. . Electrolux chose not to send brochures directly but through different channels. At first, their target audience was intermediares and media. When the intermediares and media were concerned the company started to target: a) Networks which own and distribute new mother info and sample packs in hospital. b) Paediatric offices providing large volumes to paediatric associations, gynaecologists and daycare centres. c) Family or ganisations, planning centres. d) Retail chains for household appliances and chains for baby shops and supermarkets. ) Promo – team events. The target groups are chosen well as through these channels target group can be easily reached. Ideas for other channels: kindergardens, schools (people who are planning to have a second or more babies), public parks, social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube; 4. Instruments by which Electrolux promoted brochures: f) Provide with appliances. g) Ad as a free bonus to magazine. h) Electronic format downloads on baby websites, chat sites, info sites.. ) Internal distribution to staff expecting a new baby. j) CD-Rom for journalists allowing to get all information and picture files. k) Children books. l) Sent directly if costumer order it. m) Worldwide distribution through Electrolux PR global network with an intention to adapt to local needs (translation of language). The instruments are good, that shows a result as well. Also there could o ther instruments such as: getting brochures with different bills, origami from brochures, 2011-10-25

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Analyze one week of world economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Analyze one week of world economy - Essay Example Prices slide the better part of the week resulting in weak sales everywhere excluding gasoline. There were declines in sales at food and beverages businesses, clothing retailers and auto dealers offset by unpretentious gains in online retailers, restaurants and bars and home improvements. The control and organize group that excludes gas, building materials, car sales and food services shows a superior consumer enough spending. Although the sizeable decline in the prices of gasoline was foreseen as to enhance general consumer spending, these never happened. Due to the falling in gasoline sales inflation rate dropped, as a gallon of gas prices fell by 18 percent in the week as a result of seasonal adjustments. Personal saving rate also jumped up to 4.9 percent. Moreover, retail sales fell unexpectedly in the week but started rising. However, China economies continue to weaken with the rate of inflation reaching zero. There was a decrease in consumer prices while producer prices plunged unexpectedly. China trade industry of export was inclining. There was a decline in imports and was contributed by the drop in petroleum prices. Japanese economy recovered from the recession and grew with 2.2 percent shaking off the stagnation. Consumer behavior remained soft as the exports increased tremendously. Inflation rate has been moved from the previous rate of 2percent. The gross domestic product noticed an increase of 0.6 percent and the depreciated yen drove up exports further high. Private consumption that takes up to 60 percent of the Japanese economy rose up 0.3 percent. Global economy is slowly and gradually growing and is estimated to grow at 3 percent in the year of 2015.The acceleration was mainly driven by mature economies such as America and the Euro Area mainly because of the decrease in oil

Ancient Greek Philosopher Confucius Research Paper

Ancient Greek Philosopher Confucius - Research Paper Example He believed that change is the constant force of the universe. Everything is changing and even the next second, we are not the same person. Change is elemental in the universal process. He also believes that elements of the universe do change themselves but one element is intertwined with another as he stated once, â€Å"To souls it is death to become water, to water death to become earth, but from earth water is born, and from water soul† (Pro and Ilmari, 2012). He was of the opinion that although elements in universe change but they remain constant in totality due to natural laws. There are harmonizing elements or forces present in nature that does not let happen anything drastic but keep things in equilibrium. Heraclitus was a great believer of war as many philosophers may have expected of him. He stated â€Å"War is father of all, king of all. Some it makes gods, some it makes men, some it makes slaves, some free and we must realize that war is universal, and strife is justice, and that all things come into being and pass away through strife.† These ideas depict that he was of the belief that these are the conflicting ideas that bring lively uniformity in universe (Thomas, 2012). Heraclitus also believed that to exist in society, one good man is worth ten thousand ordinary people as one good man can bring stand out character to the society. It clearly means that he distrust many in society but believes a very few people (Daniel, 2011). Ethical foundations are also found in Heraclitus philosophy. He believes that a man should not be derived by his wishes and should not try to get whatever he wants as it will lose its purification of soul that is the chief ambition of a soul. Ideas of the Greek Heraclitus were clearly opposed to the concept of dualism. He also believed that there is no after life or death for soul rather it remains

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International Political Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

International Political Development - Assignment Example By the establishment of markets for various commodities, underdevelopment and poverty can be easily eradicated because there is increased diversification, production, and industrialization. Goods and services that are available through a market-based economy increase the quality of life of people within the society. The whole community benefits from trading services since the individuals that are directly involved in the trade are able to accumulate wealth while the community is able to benefit from the distribution of resources that enable them to get access to better products and services.The other point of view in regards to development is the critical approach. This differs from the orthodox view as it disagrees that the only way in which development can be measured is in numerical terms. It notes that there are various other forms of transactions that occur in these types of societies such as barter transactions and these are not accounted for in the Orthodox concept. The inform al sector plays a very important role in regards to these societies. According to the critical approach, development is measured by the ability of a certain group of people to be able to meet their immaterial and material needs (Development, 2009). Given that each society has their own views in regards to what they need, there cannot be a universal standard to measure for development. Each society, therefore, has to set their own standards that are in relation to their requirements. These can, therefore, be broken down into 3 wide areas and they include the ability of the people to obtain the basic human needs, the political empowerment of the marginalized people and the state of the natural environment.The Orthodox concept of development argues that consistent underdevelopment is as a result of poor regulations and policies by the state legislatures. To promote trade, these poor states can have legislation that enables them to protect their internal industries from external protect ion. This is despite the fact that these industries might not have any comparative advantage in that sector.

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An Effective Approach to Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

An Effective Approach to Management - Essay Example He should see that the tasks accomplished are according to customer satisfaction (Williams, 2010, pp.7-8) In essence, there are five specified tasks of a manager. Managers â€Å"set goals, organize activities, motivate and communicate, measure performance, and develop people.† (Daft, 2011, p.5) There are different approaches to management. Some of the most influential ones are classical approach, the human relations approach and contingency approach. Each approach offers valuable insights for practicing managers in their efforts to define management problems and opportunities, and to develop ways to deal with them. This paper focuses on human relations approach of management with Accenture as case study. The traditional classical theory of management was a drawback in many ways. It failed to comprehend the behavioral patterns of individual employees. This theory is a concept of rigid laws in management practice. This theory is based on the assumption that employees are motivated only by financial incentives, and ignored the human aspect of employees i.e. their social and psychological needs. This theory assumed that productivity is the only objective of an organizational body and ignored the multiple goals of the organization. Overall, the classical approach is more mechanical with no focus on motivation and inter-personal relationships between employees and management personnel (Agarwal, 1983, p.29) As a result a natural outgrowth of this management theory is the human relations theory also known as behavioral management theory. This theory came into practice in the 1930s (Griffin & Moorehead, 2009, p.85) and is based on the concept â€Å"satisfied workers will give more work.â₠¬  (Daft & Marcic, 2010, p.30) The initial focus of the theory was on worker cooperation and thoughtful management, but gradually the focus shifted to the daily performance of workers. The concept of this theory was to integrate skilled and quality performance with motivation aspects.

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Human Resource Management & Information Management (MBA) pro 4 Essay

Human Resource Management & Information Management (MBA) pro 4 - Essay Example The company has to align its business to n effective IS response giving it significant ground in the market. The IS that Brady Corporation was currently operating on did not support its business model since it made use of antique systems that were unable to communicate. As such, the IS response taken for the greater good of the business was to undertake a complete overhaul of the entire business processes of the company on a global scale, as well as, enabling them digitally. The results were phenomenal, with an annual revenue growth of 15%, a 2% reduction in operating expense, and an increase in internet orders by 50%. The roll out was successful because both the managers and employees had prior knowledge over its importance. Furthermore, the best people got the privilege of spearheading the change process, whereby all the processes mapped with their experts and owners. As such, this spectacular achievement answered the authors question on whether Brady Corporation could redesign its systems for success. The change from old processes to new processes enabled the corporation to revamp its profitability, as well as, re-establish its position in the

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How Parents Treat Sons And Daughters Differently Essay

How Parents Treat Sons And Daughters Differently - Essay Example This child then becomes the adult of the society, and the subsequent domino effect for the creation of all prejudices, biases and polarity comes into existence. Taken objectively, because essentially the male and female child are intrinsically very different, it is virtually impossible even for the most passionate of parents to claim that they have sustained a just rule for all. The study finds its rationale in the fact that it is essential to understand where the root cause of discrimination is embedded within the human behavior, as it later on goes on to produce social, economic, religious and moral prejudices within the human community - a reality that is causing all the unrest in out world. There quite a few studies, which have worked on this project. "In the United States, a person's gender has affected the level of education she is likely to receive, the occupation she will take up, and the wages she will be paid" (Blau 1998, U.S. Department of Education 2000). Morgan, Lye, and Condran (1988) discover that sons reduce the risk of marital disruption by 9% more than do daughters. In the same domain, Dahl and Moretti (no date) find that having a girl considerably affects marriage and divorce rate; being 3.4% less likely to be living with her father compared to a first-born son. Some studies have found that "fathers interact more with infant sons and are more engaged with adolescent sons than daughters" (Barnett and Baruch 1987). There is also accord among researchers that fathers spend less time in childcare than mothers do (Pleck and Masciadrelli 2004). METHODS In order to gain a basic insight into the issue, a study was designed which would give an idea about the issue. The results would help us understand whether the incidence of this problem is existence or is it just an academic model. Participants The volunteer participants of the study were 25 pairs of brothers and sisters. They were different in sibling order, and even in the total number of siblings. But from every family, one son and one daughter were selected. For 25 families, the total number of participants thus came out to be 50. The inclusion criterion was children aged from 4 to 12. They were not told about the exact of the study, so that their biases and preconceived notions would not come into play. Also, the same tool was given to all of them, seeking their opinion about how they thought their parents treated them, in general. Procedures The tool used was a specifically designed questionnaire that would measure up to the basic requirements within the household, school and neighborhood of children aged 4-12. as literacy and cognitive understand would be an obvious issue, therefore the questionnaire was administered to all of them through an interview, wherein the standardized items were asked from all the participants in isolation. It is very important to mention here that as children are well under-aged to make their own legal and rational decisions, therefore an undertaking was also signed by their parents which would admit them participating in this study. The exact scope of the study was told to the parents. Dependent Measures The questionnaire itself addressed issues of psychological, sociological, familial, economic and

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Williams Sonoma. Measuring the strategic readiness of intangible assets Essay Example for Free

Williams Sonoma. Measuring the strategic readiness of intangible assets Essay The marketing strategies that Williams-Sonoma is applying involve the extensive use of the internet to market its products to the masses. Online marketing and business provides numerous business opportunities across the globe since it is easily accessible to everyone. This creates opportunity for the company to access various customers as well as suppliers and even potential partners that they can do business with and ensure they provide quality products at affordable costs (Simonson, 1999). This as it has been seen has greatly contributed towards the success of the company. It has been able to increase its customer base, increase in sales of its products and in the long run an increase in its profitability. It is important to note that the internet is continuously growing day by day and there are lots of changes taking place. There are also a large number of people that are using and have easy access to the internet. It is apparent that over the next five years, Williams-Sonoma is likely to experience an increase in the number of customers that it serves (Marks, Frolick, 2001). Furthermore, there is a likelihood that the number of products that the company will provide to the customers will also increase. This means that in the next five years, Williams-Sonoma is likely to experience greater growth of its business and operations in general and may become a multinational company. Q2 Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   As a CEO of an organization, one must be in a position to formulate and implement strategies that will help in achieving the mission band vision of the organization. Making the decisions on what strategies to undertake require sufficient information on the market and other elements that affect the performance of the company (Kaplan, Norton, 2004). In this case study, Williams-Sonoma is seen as a company that is ready to take risks and adopt new strat5egies in marketing its products. From the case study, it is to be noted that the target group for the company is limited to customers that are high income earners considering that it offers high-end products only. Therefore, a recommended strategy would to provide variety or practice product differentiation in terms of affordability (Kanter, 2001). This can be achieved by ensuring that the products are of high quality although affordable. Apart from offering affordable prices and quality products, the other stra tegy that I would recommend as the CEO would be offering of discounts for the products bought. Those customers that buy at least three different items should be offered a certain percentage of discounts to make the products more affordable (Marks, Frolick, 2001). Furthermore, the other strategy that I would recommend would be to increase advertising on social media sites since these have been a great avenue through which companies are able to reach out to customers. Finally I would recommend that the company increases its amount of imported as well as merchandise that is unbranded. Q3 Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   One of the competitors of Williams-Sonoma is Crate Barrel. There is a lot of stiff competition for Williams-Sonoma due to the strategies which are applied by the competitors. In the case of Crate Barrel, the company is using the strategy of low affordable prices on its products as a way through which it is able to attract more customers (Marks, Frolick, 2001). It is to be understood that when the prices of products or even services are affordable, the demand is likely to be high and hence more customers and profitability in the long run. Williams-Sonoma on the other hand offers products at a very high price and hence only attracts the customers that are high income earners only (Kaplan, Norton, 2004). This means that Crate and Barrel has a larger customer base than Williams-Sonoma. The other strategy being used by the competitors includes the setting of their businesses in major locations unlike Williams-Sonoma. This means that the other competitors have been able to reach out to more clients hence becoming more competitive than Williams-Sonoma. Business location is of great importance for any given company. The location will determine the ease of access to the goods and the services of the company by the customers and hence affect the overall performance of the company. Q4 Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   The internet has become one of the avenues through which companies or organizations are able to do business especially marketing their products or even selling their products online. Different companies have employed the use of the internet in different ways and Williams-Sonoma is one those companies that has not been left out in the rush to make business through the internet. Williams-Sonoma is using the internet as a marketing tool for its products whereby it sells information to its customers such as information on recipes (Kaplan, Norton, 2004). The current use of the internet by Williams-Sonoma is the formulation of search for information on its products. The customers have to pay for the information that they get. However, for the future of the company, Williams-Sonoma can make use of the social media sites to promote its products to the numerous internet users available on social media. It would also benefit the company if it opens online stores where it can be able to sell its products online. References Kanter, R. M. (2001). The ten deadly mistakes of wanna-dots. Harvard Business Review, 79(1), 91-100. Kaplan, R. S., Norton, D. P. (2004). Measuring the strategic readiness of intangible assets. Harvard business review, 82(2), 52-63. Marks, W. T., Frolick, M. N. (2001). BUILDING CUSTOMER DATA WAREHOUSES FOR A MARKETING AND SERVICE. Simonson, I. (1999). The effect of product assortment on buyer preferences. Journal of Retailing, 75(3), 347-370. Source document